Instructors (left to right):

Rati Patel

Mary Ellen Ballantyne

Keshav Patel

Jess Insler

Master Ro Insler

Sergey Grokhovetskiy

Nicholas Blount

Jason Rovetto

John Haley

Ori Shem-Tov

Alex Rodriguez

Grand Master Roseanne M. Insler (Master Ro) is the founder, Grand Master and Chief Instructor of our school and holds a 6th Degree Black Belt, with 30 years of training in the martial arts and with more than 26 years of teaching Taekwondo. As well as having earned numerous medals and trophies in regional and national Taekwondo and Karate competitions - including being nominated for and receiving the New Jersey Governor's Cup Award for Taekwondo in 1993, and qualifying for the 1996 Taekwondo Olympic trials, Master Ro was also a former Member and Inductee of the Garden State Games Karate Hall of Fame, and a Certified Karate Referee and Judge. Master Ro will be retiring from teaching as of December 2018, but plans to keep the school going with Mary Ellen Ballantyne as the Master Instructor.



Sah Bom Nim Mary Ellen Ballantyne (pictured right) is a Master Instructor with over 26 years of training in Taekwondo, and with over 16 years of experience as an Assistant and now Master Instructor at our Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced evening classes. Ms. Mary Ellen has also been a Certified Official Karate Referee and Scorekeeper, and currently holds a 4th Dan Black Belt. Ms. Mary Ellen has been heralded by our students as the Best and Most Dedicated Instructor for the past 8 years. She holds the title of Master Black Belt and has been Master Ro's right hand for the past 10 years. Ms. Mary Ellen will be taking on the responsibility of teaching all of the classes as of January 2, 2019 and will continue as the Master Instructor for Ro Insler Taekwondo.

Kyo Sah Nim John Haley (pictured left) obtained his Second Dan Black Belt in December 2015 and is a Senior Instructor. Mr. John has been training with us for over 16 years and currently assists at our Intermediate and Advanced evening classes, and will soon be completing his training for Third Dan Black Belt. Mr. John has become our newest Self-Defense coach and enjoys teaching the Advanced students how to tweak their techniques.



Kyo Sah Nim Keshav Patel (pictured right) recently obtained his First Dan Black Belt after training with us for over 11 years. Mr. Keshav is an Assistant Instructor, and is currently assisting at our Beginner Tots evening classes. He is also a Head Counselor at our Summer Camp and Clinic, and is currently training for his Second Dan Black Belt.



Kyo Sah Nim Rati Patel (pictured left) obtained her Second Dan Black Belt after training with us for over 14 years. Ms. Rati is an Instructor, and is currently assisting at our Beginner Tots evening classes, and has also been a Head Counselor at our Summer Camp and Clinic. Ms. Rati is currently attending college at NJIT, but continues to attend classes as often as her schedule allows, and will continue as a Head Camp Counselor during the summer.



Sah Bom Nim Jason Rovetto (pictured right) is a former Senior Instructor, training with our school for over 24 years. Mr. Jason currently holds a Fourth Dan Black Belt, and a Master Black Belt.  Master. Jason is currently on hiatus from teaching, and will hopefully be returning to Taekwondo in the near future.


Kyo Sah Nim Jess Insler (pictured left) is a former Black Belt Senior Instructor with over 26 years of experience in Taekwondo. Mr. Jess is currently on hiatus from Taekwondo, but was an Instructor in our Beginner and Novice evening classes and our school's official sparring and self-defense coach. In addition, Mr. Jess was a Certified Karate Referee and Judge, as well as a former tournament Ring Coordinator.



Glossary of Taekwondo Titles:



Chung Sah Nim Chief Instructor

Sah Bom Nim Master Instructor

Kyo Sah Nim Instructor

Suryun Saeng Nim Assistant Instructor

Sun Bae Nim Senior Student, Jr. Instructor

Hak Saeng Student