Our System

Our system combines modern and traditional Taekwondo, Moo Duk Kwan, and a unique blend of self-defense techniques derived from other styles of martial arts.

Taekwondo, as a modern martial art, aims at developing physical fitness, fighting skills and the means to self-defense.

Taekwondo, as a traditional martial art, aims at inspiring the individual in developing a proper conduct and behavior, ultimately leading one to achieve “chung myung kwon“, the total discipline and development of mind, body and spirit.

Our unique system combines both the modern and the traditional elements of Taekwondo, providing the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the art.

The hard work, dedication and commitment required to train in Taekwondo instills the need to perfect oneself and to aim towards achieving self-appointed goals. We believe that this is crucial to succeed in today's society. The key, however, is to remain humble and appreciative, while also taking pride in your accomplishments. Training at our school provides the means to achieving this balance. The ultimate benefits are honor, integrity, humility, self-respect and strength of character.

Our Mission is to guide our students towards achieving self-confidence, self-defense and self-control, while inspiring them towards attaining respect of self, respect of others and owning responsibility for their actions.