FOR TEENS AND ADULTS, AGE 14 & UP

                                      AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST IN 2018


This dynamic program is designed to provide personal safety skills based on time-proven, real life, self-defense training. It is perfect for students who are not able to commit to full martial arts training but who may want more than just a few lessons in self-defense. With this class students may train for as long as they want until they feel confident in their skills, or they may continue to train to keep up their skills and to learn new ones.


In the first few weeks students will learn various blocks, kicks and strikes that are the basics for all styles of self-defense training. As those techniques are mastered, they will gradually continue with full, hands-on self-defense techniques. Instruction will include tactics for evading and escaping attackers, release and escape from grabs and holds, and defensive counter-strikes to prevent further assault.


Under the careful supervision of the instructors, students will practice the application of techniques individually, as well as with partners, to enact various scenarios of attacks and defense. Students will also practice with targets and pads to focus and develop blocking and striking techniques.


Our experienced instructors will work with each student based on their individual abilities and strengths, allowing each student to train at their own pace. Subsequent sessions will be available with lessons increasing in intensity, and skills to eventually include defense against weapons and other defensive fighting skills.


Let us show you the path to self-empowerment and safety!

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