Ro Insler Taekwondo is now offering Special Needs Taekwondo Classes

This program will address the needs of children with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Down Syndrome, other learning or cognitive disabilities.

The following is a general description of the program:

Beginner Taekwondo presented in a fun, energetic and upbeat format. The simple and easy to follow step-by-step exercises and techniques are designed to help children develop attentiveness, balance and coordination, as they also learn how to follow directions.

Our blocking, kicking and striking "drills" keep the children focused and engaged as they learn how to protect themselves. Repetitive movements and routines help them to learn through muscle memory, further boosting their confidence and self-esteem as they master each technique. In addition, the regimented training will promote self-control, cooperation and respect of self and others.

Basic self-defense techniques are introduced gradually and practiced with the use of targets, pads and dummies. Other martial arts "games" and activities will also be presented to allow for social interaction and self-awareness. With continued training and development, and after attending subsequent sessions, belt advancement may be possible.

We use various methods of instruction to suit each individual's abilities or needs, with positive behavioral supports and gentle guidance to encourage cooperation and participation. Two Instructors will be present at each class of 4 or more students. Depending on individual needs, aides may be brought in to further assist students. We also welcome parents or family members to assist, if needed or desired. 

Parents and students must meet with the instructors to determine eligibility for participation, and must also fill out our Parent Input Form. Parents please call Master Ro to set up an evaluation appointment.

For any questions, concerns, or more info, please contact Master Ro at 973-777-4741 or by email at: roinslertkd@gmail.com


Please Note: 1) Taekwondo is considered a contact sport; although the instructors take every precaution to provide a safe environment, minor injuries may occur in the normal course of training. 2) As with any new sport or exercise, individuals should consult a physician before participation. 3) The instructors kindly request advance notification of any and all cognitive, behavioral, or medical conditions, physical restrictions or limitations, and/or medications prior to registration. All such information can be submitted along with our "Parent Input Form" and will be kept strictly confidential, and to be used only as a guiding tool to meet the needs of the students. 4) Uniforms are optional and may be purchased from the instructor at any time; otherwise, students should dress in loose, exercise-type clothing such as sweat pants or jogging pants and tee shirts. Please do not wear jewelry, jeans or shorts, tanks, yoga or other tight-fitting clothes to class. 6) Complete the form below and return to: