• Beginner/Novice Classes are available for adults and children ages 4 and up at both our Fair Lawn, New Jersey and San Antonio, Texas locations. We offer afternoon and evening classes. Students may enroll one day, two days, or three days per week. To achieve optimum training results, we recommend that students attend classes at least two days per week.
  • Beginner/Novice Curriculum - Beginner students will be introduced to the traditional art of Taekwondo. Our system closely follows the guidelines of the Kukkiwon and the World Taekwondo Federation, which is currently the leading influence in Olympic Taekwondo. We have added to those guidelines and traditions our own unique blend of techniques that are derived from various styles of martial arts. Our primary goal is to enable students to achieve the means to self-awareness and self-defense. Our belief is that we donít have to hurt others in order to defend ourselves; if we have self-control then we have the ability to control any situation. In keeping with those beliefs, new students will be taught various blocking, counter-attack and evasive techniques that are primarily intended for self-defense. We add target practice for application of techniques, and various drills and activities designed to improve agility and reflexivity. Students will gradually be introduced to other various techniques as they continue to train and advance in rank. With continued commitment and dedication, Beginner students will move up to the Intermediate and Advanced Programs, eventually attaining Black Belt status.
  • Uniforms (Do-Baks) are optional for Beginners but may be purchased from our school at any time. New students should wear loose, comfortable clothing, consisting of long pants (such as sweats, jogging pants or leggings) with a plain, white tee shirt, but not jeans or shorts as they will restrict movement. Students are required to purchase a complete Do-Bak (white jacket and pants, rank belt, school patch and black RIT school tee shirt) after promotion to First High White Belt, all of which may be purchased from our school. Please note that we train in bare feet on a gym floor. Regular shoes, sneakers, sandals or socks are not permitted. Students may only wear martial arts shoes in class, which may also be purchased through our school. We have our own "martial arts store" and can provide all martial arts items at discounted prices
  • Promotion Tests are offered at the end of every session, about every two to three months, and are only administered to students who've met all attendance, belt rank and pre-test requirements. Most students may only be promoted about 3-4 times per year, depending on their attendance. Students are evaluated for promotion based on their own individual accomplishments; we never promote students unless they are prepared to move up to the next level. It is important to remember that each student progresses at his/her own rate.

Thank you for your interest in our school Ė for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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