> Compliance & Waivers:

Although our programs are offered through the Fair Lawn Community School (FLCS), all class and program curriculum, policies and regulations are set by Ro Insler Taekwondo (RIT). Students/Parents must complete and sign a Student Participation, Advisory & Compliance Form before participation is permitted. We urge students and parents to read everything handed out in class. If you have any questions, concerns, or special needs, please call us or send mail to

> Important Advisories:

1) Taekwondo is considered a contact sport. Students/Parents be advised that, during the normal course of training, it is possible to sustain mild injuries from the very nature of training. 

2) As with all other sports and fitness programs, it is highly advisable that you obtain your physician’s approval before entering one of our martial arts programs.

3) Medical (including cognitive) conditions, especially if requiring medications or if involving physical limitations, should be brought to our attention immediately. In some cases, a physician’s authorization may be required for participation.

4) It is in the student's interest and welfare to follow all our rules, policies and safety regulations, both written and verbal. Ultimately, the student assumes all risk and responsibility in the event of any injury sustained during training

> Tuition Fee Refunds & Credits Policies:

1) Full refunds are only permitted for cancellations made at least 3-5 business days before the start of a session. A $15-$35 cancellation fee may be incurred for any of our Special Needs or Limited Enrollment programs.

2) Withdrawals after classes have started - provided the student did not attend any classes - are subject to a $15-$35 cancellation fee (depending on the program). The balance will be credited towards the purchase of another program or class.

3) Refunds/Credits for withdrawals after attending classes may be available for certain valid reasons (i.e. a serious injury or a prolonged illness); any balance amount may be applied to future course fees, or may be refunded if the student is not physically able to continue. A physician's note is required stating the illness or injury and that the student is not able to participate. A "return to activity" note from the physician must be provided upon the student's return to class.

4) Returned or "bounced" checks will be subject to a $30 charge, plus any other applicable bank charges

> Make-up Classes for Absences:

1) Available at No Charge only for the following reasons:

     a) Unscheduled school closings or other emergency cancellations (made by RIT or FLCS.)

     b) Long-term or short-term illness or injury; a physician's note for the absence must be provided

2) Available for an Additional Fee, provided a spot or time slot is available:

     a) All other unscheduled or scheduled absences, such as vacations, attending birthday parties or other activities, etc.

     b) Extra lessons or extended lessons (extra time)

> Student Placement is determined by the Instructors. RIT reserves the right to choose the class/program that best suits the individual. Our staff may need to evaluate a prospective student prior to his/her enrollment to make that determination. This free evaluation is based on age, maturity, level of attention, physical ability, and other pertinent factors such as prior training. At times, depending on the number of students and/or ranks enrolled in each class, it may be necessary to move students from one class to another. Please be assured that this is done to achieve the best possible training situation for all students.

> Recognition of Ranks From Other Styles/Schools - We acknowledge the effort prospective students may have put into achieving their belt rank and, therefore, we allow them to wear their belts when they join our school. Depending on the rank and style of martial arts, we may have them join a class of equal rank; then, after several lessons, we would determine which class they would most benefit from. Usually, if the transfer student is from the same style of Taekwondo, and provided that they know the same forms and techniques, we train them "forward" from their current belt. If they do not know any of the same forms, then they would keep their belt but would train along with our Novice or Intermediate students until they have learned all the required forms and techniques. The final decision of the proper placement or ranking may be determined after several months of training at our Do-Jang.

> Promotion Tests are only administered to students who've met all the necessary attendance, belt rank and other requirements. Students need to be approved for promotion by Master Ro and the other Instructors. Promotion tests are offered at the end of every session, about every two to three months. Most students may only be promoted about 4-5 times per year, depending on their attendance and other pertinent criteria. Students are evaluated for promotion based on their own individual accomplishments; we never promote students unless they are prepared to move up to the next level. It is important to remember that each student progresses at his/her own rate. Students/Parents should not compare themselves to other students, and should not be concerned if someone else is promoted before them.

> Uniforms are optional for Beginners. New students should wear loose, comfortable clothing, consisting of long pants (such as sweats, jogging pants or leggings) with a plain, white tee shirt, but not jeans or shorts as they will restrict movement.

1) If desired, students may purchase a uniform (and other martial arts items) from our Do-Jang. We have a wide selection of martial arts supplies that we sell at just above wholesale prices.

2) Students are only required to purchase a complete uniform or Do-Bak (white jacket and pants, rank belt, school patch and black RIT school tee shirt) after promotion to First High White Belt.

3) We train in bare feet on our gym floor. Regular shoes, sneakers, sandals or socks are not permitted. Students may only wear martial arts shoes, which are not worn outdoors, or slip-proof socks in class. These items may also be purchased from our Do-Jang.

> Sparring Gear is not required for Beginner students since the Beginner classes are structured for non-contact sparring. The Instructors will provide it when necessary in class for initial training purposes. Students will be required to purchase sparring gear upon promotion to Second High White Belt or soon thereafter; the Instructors will determine when a student is ready to begin one-on-one light contact sparring.

> Important Reminders:

1) Read all the various papers and documents handed out in class, and be sure to return any forms that require a response as soon as possible.

2) Visit our website - - on a regular basis for all the latest school news and updates.

3) If you have any questions, concerns, or special needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!